Monday, July 22, 2013

Remember Homosexuals Anonymous? As nutty as they ever were

Homosexuals Anonymous is that Texas group that adopted a 12-step approach to "curing" the gay — and then they added two more steps to be sure.

Anyway, co-founder Douglas McIntyre (who now goes by "Dr. Douglas McIntyre") is mad as hell so the old fart is making his way to Washington DC to protest the cancellation of the ex-gay pride month reception originally scheduled for July 31 at Family Research Council.
How dare they try to disrupt our event on July 31, intimidate, and threaten us! I'm not going to take it anymore!
Except Doug that nobody really threatened anyone. Given your past, we're not sure if you don't get it or your just going along with the BS.

HA seems to consist of Homosexuals Anonymous and the Acceptance Fellowship. Neither seems to be tax exempt but they do request donations.
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