Monday, July 29, 2013

Same-sex marriage causes heterosexuals to stop procreating

If gays can marry, perhaps heterosexuals have headaches? Or they use more condoms? Viagra loses its potency? Porn doesn't work anymore?

National Organization for Marriage is promoting a post about anti-gay protesters in Pennsylvania. Sadly, they display a photograph showing all of six protesters, carrying nonsensical signs, and five reporters.

Michael McMonagle, president of the Pro-Life Coalition, was responsible for corralling the six protesters. Mr. McMonagle says some remarkably stupid things, even acknowledging that his position is discriminatory. He calls it "just discrimination." Sure.

He concluded his remarks with:
Heterosexuality is essential to the meaning of marriage. Civil government has an interest in producing future children. It’s utter arrogance to think that we can redefine the institution that has been the bedrock of all society throughout history.

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