Saturday, July 20, 2013

San Diego County Clerk asks Court to Halt Marriage Equality

Ernest Dronenburg
San Diego County Clerk, Ernest Dronenburg, filed a petition Friday claiming legal uncertainty.

Of course it is just coincidence that Dronenburg is being represented by one of NOM's "heroes," Charles LiMandri (more about LiMandri follows). Right wing Christian groups, and ADF have been trolling for county clerks to bring another action before the California Supreme Court.

Dronenburg claims that he requires answers on three issues:
  1. How the U.S. Supreme Court ruling impacts Proposition 8, and why.
  2. Whether counties other than Alameda and Los Angeles need to allow same-sex marriages and;
  3. Whether county clerks, who are elected by voters, have independent authority or are governed by state officials. If the county clerks are autonomous, they presumably would be able to decide on their own whether to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples.
In fairness I should mention that his office continues to issue marriage licenses to gay couples.

This is just more bullshit in an attempt to muddy the waters. It should be perfectly obvious that, lacking an appeal, the ruling of the federal trial court that Proposition 8 was unconstitutional prevails. The theory that the ruling only affected the counties where the plaintiffs resided is patently absurd. Finally, individual clerks are responsible to the state. The notion that they can independently craft marriage law is preposterous.

LiMandri is just throwing crap against a wall, hoping that something will stick. He claims that an additional 28 clerks will file similar petitions.

The California Supreme Court should sanction LiMandri for his frivolous consumption of the Court's time at taxpayers' expense.

Charles LiMandri
Charles LiMandri is just a garden variety, religiously inspired, bigot. He served as general counsel to National Organization for Marriage for the first few years of operation. Limandri has refered to gay family members by saying he loves them but can't support "their destructive lifestyle."

A Proponent of "ex-gay" therapy, LiMandri is currently Representing JONAH in the fraudulent business practices lawsuit initiated by SPLC. LiMandri has described gay men as deviant perverts and warns of a "potential civil war in this country by imposing same-sex marriage on this nation." He pretty much toes the religious line, framing homosexuality as disordered behavior.
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