Saturday, July 13, 2013 still trolling for disgruntled California clerks

Randy Thomasson with his coloring book
Randy Thomasson with his coloring book
Randy Thomasson, of seems to concede that the case filed yesterday (by through ADF) has a limited chance of success. However, he is a flat earth dead-ender.

Meanwhile the citizens of California are paying for much of this continuing nuttery.

The notion that a state court would try to supersede a federal court is absurd due to supremacy. State Atty. Gen. Kamala D. Harris told the court late Friday that stopping the marriages "could precipitate a conflict of constitutional dimension between this court and the federal court."

The U.S. Constitution bars state courts from interfering with federal court orders, and halting the marriages now would create "uncertainty" about the validity of those already performed, Harris' office argued. Thomasson is desperate to advance his religious agenda:
We need at least one clerk to sue to protect most California counties and most California children from the bad role model of unnatural and unhealthy homosexual "marriages." Time is ticking, so please add your voice by taking action today. And share with your friends!
Thomasson is trying to create a "religious freedom" case which isn't going anywhere.
While today’s filing with the California Supreme Court is great news, what’s also needed now to enforce Prop. 8 is a 2nd lawsuit by one or more county clerks. Why? Because this first lawsuit might not be successful, and we absolutely need to ensure success for real, man-woman marriage by doing our utmost.

ACTION: Please email, fax or call our’s 4 talking points to clerks in these 18 strongly pro-marriage areas. Urge them to sue the State to uphold Prop. 8 on man-woman marriage.

Why a 2nd case with a clerk suing the State of California is needed:
  1. Our pro-marriage legal effort is stronger with two cases
  2. The Prop. 8 legal battle is stronger with more attorneys on our side speaking in court (there will be multiple attorneys in court advocating against Prop. 8)
  3. A county clerk has better chance of being recognized by the court (achieving “standing”)
  4. A county clerk has better chance of winning on the merits
  5. A clerk has a real conflict that the court must necessarily solve, while the petition filed today is asking the court to do a favor that may seem optional to judges; indeed, some call it a “long shot” bid
  6. A clerk case would strengthen the Protect Marriage case by demonstrating to the court that the clerk quandary is real, not hypothetical
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