Monday, July 22, 2013

Schubert: Legal Expenses to Defend Prop 8 Over $10 Million and We Were Cheated

Frank Schubert
Frank Schubert is National Organization for Marriage's campaign manager. Frank is not having much fun lately.

More than anyone else, Frank Schubert is responsible for the NOM talking points suggesting that gay people are a threat to children. Among his gems are "gay marriage will be taught in schools to children as young as six."

So now Frank takes to the blog of the Opus Dei affiliated Witherspoon Institute with a painfully verbose post, The Legal Circus That Killed Proposition 8. Schubert portrays himself as the victim of some nefarious plot. He claims that he was "cheated." Oh, the persecution that that a straight white Christian male must feel.

There's nothing new in Frank's piece with one possible exception. Schubert claims that the legal expenses to defend Prop 8 were over $10 million. I had not heard that before.

I erased about two hours worth of writing responses to quotes from the piece. It's unnecessary. It all boils down to the fact that Frank feels that he is doing God's work; He was undone, every step of the way because the undoers were "cheaters." The governor and former governor of California; the homosexual judge; the liberal 9th circuit; the Supreme Court and now California's AG. They all conspired to do Satan's bidding. It was only by cheating that they could possibly undermine God's will.

More importantly, Schubert's complaint is irrelevant.

Proposition 8 is done. Finished. Bad history. There is nothing that Frank Schubert, the bishops or the Pope himself can do to resuscitate this insult to the Establishment Clause. Proposition 8 never had a demonstrable, rational, secular purpose. It was intended as a way to impose conservative Christian beliefs on the citizens of California. Poor Freaking Frank:
The Cheaters Won

It’s only natural for people to want to know how I feel about the outcome, not only from a policy perspective but also from a personal perspective. After all, I put my heart into managing (and winning) the Prop 8 campaign in 2008, and since then have spent much of my professional career working on preserving marriage throughout the nation.
Here’s how I feel.

I feel like we were cheated. Just like I felt as a kid watching the bad guy put a sleeper hold on his opponent, or hitting him below the belt or with the brass knuckles while the referee had his back turned, so have the legal system and politicians cold-cocked the people of California—seven million of whom went to the polls to lawfully enact Prop 8. Only this time, I realize there’s not likely to be a rematch. The cheaters won.
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