Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sign of the Times? NARTH is having a half-price book sale

According to NARTH, Encouraging Heterosexuality by Douglas A. Abbott, PhD and A. Dean Byrd, PhD is now 50% off     only $8.00. And what a page turner it is:
Drs. Abbott and Byrd are Christian scholars who make a case for encouraging heterosexuality and provide parents with ideas to help children develop a traditional sexual preference. With many voices speaking on this issue, this book offers a unique approach which unapologetically demonstrates how faith tradition and science are complementary in the search for truth about what is best for children. Their message is simple and clear: Parents can prefer and encourage heterosexuality in their children and can do so without disrespect or criticism for those who believe or act differently.
There is something inherently oxymoronic about Christian scholarship unless it is about Christianity. They are wrong. Parents have no more control over the sexual orientation of their children than their hair color.

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