Monday, July 1, 2013

Tony Perkins tells us 'Why we must stop ENDA'

Tony Perkins
Once again, conservative Christians are wed to the belief that religion is a license to discriminate.

These schmucks would be the first to scream if, for example, a Muslim owned business would not hire or promote a Christian. Imagine the outrage      feigned and real. Yet according to Mr. Perkins via email:
Under ENDA, churches, Christian schools and colleges, Christian-owned businesses, and others would face federal prosecution for firing or even refusing to hire someone due to their publically <sic> displayed sexual proclivities.
Not exactly. I hate to call Perkins a liar but he has been known to fib from time to time. First of all:
This Act shall not apply to a corporation, association, educational institution or institution of learning, or society that is exempt from the religious discrimination provisions of title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 pursuant (42 U.S.C. 2000e et seq.) to section 702(a) or 703(e)(2) of such Act (42 U.S.C. 2000e-1(a), 2000e-2(e)(2)).
Basically, that means that "religious groups performing work connected to the group's activities, including associated education institutions" are exempt. Furthermore, this has nothing to do with "displayed sexual proclivities."

Employers can ask numerous questions to determine if someone is gay or not. I wonder if the same employers that Perkins refers to hire divorced people. Do they ask questions to determine if someone is an adulterer? They could you know. In the same email, Perkins writes:
Don't be fooled when you hear that ENDA is about "civil rights." Civil rights are based on irreversible genetic factors-race or gender, for example. But there is no substantiated evidence to indicate that homosexual attraction or behavior is genetically driven.
That is totally incorrect. I find it odd that Perkins is asking to protect the rights of Christians. When did Christianity become an "irreversible genetic factor-race or gender?" More importantly;

Why does anyone need the ability to not hire someone because of their sexual orientation?

Let us assume that a business owner is a devout Christian. As long as someone has the skills that he is looking for, what possible difference could it make what that employee does in his or her bedroom?

What they are essentially say is that they don't want to be around LGBT people. Do they think that is contagious? As a former CEO, I knew for a fact that some of my employees were anti-gay. As long as they kept it at home, ,y only concern was job performance.

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