Friday, July 26, 2013

Turns out that Kirk Cameron's movie trailer was never censored by Facebook

Kirk Cameron
Even more than God, it seems that Christians adore being victims.

Remember when Kirk Cameron was claiming that Facebook "banned" the trailer of his Christian movie, Unstoppable (not to be confused with the recent thriller starring Denzel Washington)? Apparently, the movie's promotional domain name was flooding visitors with spam which caused Facebook's evil Jews to auto-flag posts.

Facebook has explained this to Cameron but he is indifferent to facts. He has now posted on Facebook:
People have been asking me to respond to the atheist and activist groups that demand that my videos be removed from Facebook and YouTube. Major media outlets have also been asking me to give my side of the story about why there has been so much hate toward my new project, Unstoppable. I wanted all my Facebook friends and family to hear my response first. Enjoy this video, and please share.
Schmuck! Nobody cares if your trailers are on Facebook or Youtube. You are obviously self-absorbed, oblivious and none too bright.

h/t Newnownext

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