Monday, July 1, 2013

Well that settles it - Alan Keyes: 'High court on DOMA: borderline insane'

Alan Keyes is an irrelevant schmuck.

Batshit Crazy Alan Keyes
I find it remarkable that Alan Keyes, of all people, would bring mental hygiene into question on any controversy. Yet he has. Batshit crazy Keyes is painfully verbose. Here's a sample:
By the unreasonable illogic <sic> of their so-called jurisprudence, the justices in the Windsor majority's decision fall short of establishing that their decision on the DOMA has any rational connection with the Constitution's provisions. Indeed, it is clear that they are part of the ongoing insurrection against the very foundation of the Constitution's authority that has been spreading through the American judiciary for some time. But apart from the authority of the Constitution, the justices have no claim to represent the justly sovereign will of the people in any way whatsoever. And where they have no authorization from the rightful sovereign, they can have no claim to dictate law or justice, unless they mean to rely on government's coercive power, unjustly abused.
Keyes' audience needs a libretto. Nevertheless, the simple translation would be "I don't like this decision." Let us remember that this is a "man" with a gay daughter.

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