Monday, August 12, 2013

Anthony Esolen: The real bullying is the campaign against bullying which is really disagreement with the gay lifestyle

Anthony Esolen
The Witherspoon Institute blog is home for every Catholic crackpot with an inflated ego and something to say about “homosexuals.”

The last time I wrote about this schmuck he was calling gays confused people who are prone to terrible diseases. Well, Anthony Esolen, a professior of English at Providence College, seems to think that he is a learned sociologist. From the photograph, he also thinks that he is cool. His writing is pompous, arrogant, self-aggrandizing and ignorant.

He has returned to the Opus Dei affiliated Witherspoon Institute blog. His essay this time is A Pulpit for Bullies.

Writing about a high school student/teacher controversy (which I am condensing for relevance and brevity):
On the bullying: the students know that what is going on here is the advocacy of homosexual activity. Many people are bullied, for all kinds of reasons—for being fat, or stupid, or poor, or ugly. If the school wishes to teach gallantry and kindness, why not do so with as broad a sweep as possible? But the teachers and students chose Tyler Clementi as their cause célèbre.
This is the usual drivel about sexual orientation being about behavior or "activity." Well, it's not and Esolen should know better. Unlike his or her straight peers, the gay kid in high school doesn't have a girlfriend or boyfriend (of the opposite sex). He or she probably isn't dating or going to parties and is often feeling like an outsider. He or she is possibly lacking ego strengths and questions self-worth. LGBT advocacy recognizes that gay children deserve the emotional and physical safety to be who they are. Sex has absolutely nothing to do with it.

As for being picked on for being fat, stupid, poor or ugly; that form of bullying is not the result of parental encouragement. There aren't idiotic professors like Esolen writing about the depravity of obesity. Furthermore, kids pick on gay kids because of their own insecurities, with religious license or even with the encouragement of parents. Those are things that are unique to anti-gay bullying. Nevertheless, schools should teach that all bullying is bad. Nobody is saying that they should not. LGBT advocates are asking for inclusion — not exclusivity. Yes, Tyler Clementi serves as a good example because he was bullied to death. Esolen continues:
Homosexual activists do not say that Clementi was merely the victim of a nasty roommate. Their point … is that Clementi was the victim of a general disapproval of his behavior. That is, any disapproval of the homosexual life is to be construed as homophobic, without regard to reasons or persons.
Aside from the arrogance this Esolen is wed to the notion that he can read minds. Nobody has said what Esolen claims they said. "Their" (gay activists) point is that Clementi was the victim of vicious and deliberate ridicule and taunting because of his sexual orientation. That is, indeed, homophobia regardless of the reason or the person engaging in the bullying.

"Reasons?" Esolen suggests that there might be good cause for relentlessly ridiculing someone's sexual orientation. Let me guess (since he provides no specifics). Esolen gets a pass on bullying, if that's what he does, because he is only trying to get the gay person to convert. What a pompous ignoramus. Let's be clear here. Sexual orientation is not behavior:
  • Sexual orientation is a human condition.
  • Bullying is negative behavior.
Throughout this essay, Esolen indulges in a great deal of projection; Assuming the motivations of those who disagree with him based on his own personality disorder.
The message may be unfolded thus. If you do not … approve of the [the homosexual lifestyle], you are evil. You’re a bully. You want people like Tyler Clementi to die.
Gay people neither seek nor require approval. The message is quite clear. If you denigrate someone for their sexual orientation you are an evil bully. There is no justification or "reason" and no individual gets a pass.

Nobody is suggesting that the bully seeks the demise of the bullied. It's just an extra helping of Esolen nonsense. He is just an English teacher. His theories on sexuality are based on his religion rather than any scholarly work.

Esolen is a big fish in a small pond. At a larger, more prestigious secular university, faculty and students would kick his ass. Not physically but he would feel the full weight of their opprobrium for his willful ignorance and homophobia.

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