Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Boykin claims that the Pentagon is just unfair

William "Jerry" Boykin
Lt. General (Ret.), Rev. William "Jerry" Boykin is now executive vice president of the anti-gay hate group, Family Research Council.

Reverend Boykin is upset that gay armed service personnel will be getting extra paid leave to get married if they don't happen to be stationed in an equality state. Oh, the horror of it all.

Today, Boykin sent out an email blast titled Take Action: Pentagon forces you to pay bonus leave for same-sex 'weddings.' Boykin wants you to know about the hardships you face due to those nasty gay "marriages" (Jerry and FRC love scare quotes) by armed services personnel. Furthermore, Jerry wants you to know that those dastardly homosexuals are getting "special rights."
…now the Pentagon wants to give a special, taxpayer-funded bonus to such couples -- including a benefit that is not even available to heterosexual couples.
In a pair of memos released on August 13, they [Department of Defense] announced that a service member who wants to enter a same-sex "marriage," but is posted more than 100 miles from a state that allows same-sex "marriages," will be granted seven days of extra paid leave (ten days if posted outside the continental United States) just to travel to their wedding.
Well yeah, Jer. After all, unless the base is in one of the 13 equality states, or DC, the service member cannot marry (for free) at the base chapel like his or her straight counterparts. The simple solution, of course, is to hurry up the inevitable and provide national marriage equality.

These days, most personnel have highly technical jobs that require a great deal of training. Our armed services provide benefits to service men and women to retain them. Turnover and recruitment are extremely expensive. Jerry continues.
This special treatment is not required by the repeal of the 1993 law on homosexuality in the military referred to as "Don't Ask, Don't Tell;" it is not required by the Supreme Court's Windsor decision; and it is fundamentally unequal and unfair. In a time of sequestration and severe cuts to the military, the Pentagon should be in the business of strengthening our troops, not on same-sex "wedding" planning.
What's "unfair" is the fact that a service member, who might be risking his or her life for this country, cannot get married in every state. 

Boykin's solution:
The National Defense Authorization Bill for 2014, which would fund these unfair bonuses, now awaits action in the U.S. Senate. Contact your Senators today and urge them to amend the bill to remove any unequal treatment from the bill -- in this case, a taxpayer-funded wedding bonus from the Pentagon afforded on the basis of sexual orientation.
Sure Jerry. We will all get right on that.

Jerry is an old fashioned hard ass who doesn't like hohmohsecksyooahls very much. Come to think of it Jerry has problems with Muslims as well. He was once censured for implying that our war in Iraq was essentially about Christian supremacy. Boykin is quoted as saying "there is no greater threat to America than Islam." There is much, much, more to Boykin's nuttiness.

Fortunately, Jerry is a military dinosaur. The culture of our military is changing because the culture of our service academies is changing. In some respects, the military is more progressive than our society.

By the way, the bottom line to all of this is probably measured in relative pennies. If 5% of the military is gay and half want to get married and two-thirds are not in equal marriage states, just what the hell is Boykin all steamed up about? He doesn't know either.
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