Friday, August 9, 2013

Brian Brown calls Iowa investigation into NOM campaign finance violations a "witch hunt"

According to Mr. Brown “Witch Hunt in Iowa, We Will Not Be Bowed

Mr. Brown begins:
Our opponents are at it again, this time in Iowa. Those who seek to redefine God's design for marriage and eliminate our freedoms of speech and religion have filed another frivolous campaign finance complaint against NOM in an effort to distract us from the defense of marriage and to cost us precious resources in time and money as we are forced to defend these baseless charges.
Oh the poor dear. "Freedom of speech and religion?" Even for National Organization for Marriage that is over-the-top hyperbole.
  • Given the fact that the Ethics Board voted unanimously to investigate the matter and;
  • Given the fact that  Megan Tooker, the ethics board’s lawyer and executive director, noted that the National Organization for Marriage was “absolutely wrong” in several of its interpretations of state law.
  • It is the notion that this matter is frivolous that is a "baseless charge."
Frivolous” would describe all of the pointless litigation in California to somehow reinstate Prop 8.

NOM has little regard for the intellect of its base:
… nonprofit groups don't have to provide donor information to the public. The ACLU doesn't, nor does the Human Rights Campaign, yet many gay marriage activists want to subject NOM to a different set of rules.
Actually they do if those donations are then used in a political campaign, depending upon state law. That was the finding in Maine and it will be the finding in Iowa. One more bit of sophistry:
This is eerily similar to the IRS scandal in Washington, DC where the IRS illegally gave NOM's tax return with confidential donor information to homosexual marriage activists in an attempt to harass our donors and hamper our work.
Mr. Brown knows perfectly well that, according to Maggie Gallagher, a low-level employee of NOM provided an unredacted return to a third party. NOM has never offered any proof that the IRS was the source and there is no scandal. And how does Mr. Brown conclude? With what this is all about:
And we trust that you will not be bowed either. Please stand with NOM today in the defense of marriage by making a sacrificial gift so that we can carry on the fight despite the despicable efforts of our opponents.
A sacrificial gift?
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