Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Catholic Bishop Larry Silva of Hawaii calls for "just" discrimination against gays and lesbians

Bishop Larry Silva of Hawaii
Roman Catholic bishops seems to believe in Catholic Supremacy. They are wed to the belief that they can – and should – impose their religious beliefs on everyone else through civil law. In a letter distributed to parishioners, Silva calls for "just" discrimination:

People with same - sex attraction are a part of our community, ev en our Catholic community, and they deserve dignity and respect. Unjust discrimination against them is not acceptable. However, not all discrimination – that is, making distinctions – is unjust. We discriminate quite justly between adults and minors, ev en though both have equal dignity. We justly discriminate between those who are married and those who are not, because marriage is a special societal bond that assures the continuation of the race in the context of raising children in the loving environment that appreciates the complementary nature of male and female. (If there were no such discrimination, same - sex marriage would not be an issue, since anyone who wanted to apply for any benefits could do so, whether married or not.) There is just discrimination between parents and children, professors and students. While they are all equal in dignity as persons, they are not equal in their roles.
King continues with the usual list of horribles. Suddenly, children will mysteriously be deprived of mothers and fathers — just another day at the pulpit.

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