Saturday, August 17, 2013

Have you noticed just who is (still) complaining about the repeal of DADT?

Elaine Fucking Donnelly
It's not our men and women in uniform who bellyache (with the exception of a couple of self-made Christian "victims").

No. It's people like Elaine Donnelly who fought for years to keep the military from accepting gay people. Ms. Donnelly has no qualifications that I am aware of to weigh in on military matters. Nor, for that matter, has she ever served in the military. Yet she bills herself as a "military watchdog."

Today, Ms. Donnelly has made a rather crass argument against the spouses of gay service members receiving benefits.
Nobody has estimated the cost of what this will be – and it's not just a static cost. The Pentagon will have to start with extending very costly benefits, especially medical benefits, to same-sex couples if they get a marriage certificate in one of the states where same-sex marriage is legal.
It is blatantly unfair to heterosexual service members that military personnel in a same-sex relationship who are stationed in a state that does not permit same-sex marriage will be allowed to take extra leave for travel to a jurisdiction where they can marry legally.

If special leave is granted to same-sex couples, how can the Department of Defense justify denial of the same amount of time to opposite-sex couples who want to have a nice wedding? You see the disparity continues, but it's always called ‘equality.’
Donnelly raises two concerns. The first is money. Let's put it in perspective. I think that we can safely assume that less than 5% of the US military are gay. What percentage will marry? It's not significant. Moreover, it might actually save money. Our armed services spend significant sums on recruitment. Things that make the service more attractive tend to be cost effective. It's the very reason that spouse benefits exist in the first place. Elaine has no class — and no common sense.

The second concern that Donnelly raises is parity. Gays can only marry in 13 states plus DC. Heterosexual personnel are not thus limited. They can marry in all 50 states and DC. They can even marry (for free) in the base chapel. Gays can only use that chapel if it is in an equal marriage state.

Therefore, Elaine is right. There is an issue of parity. For now, gays have less marriage rights than straights. Fix that and I'm sure that the military will no longer have to provide extra marital leave.

My guess is that Elaine and her fundamentalist Christian friends will try to stir up another shit storm. They'll find some poor schnook to complain that the Army is discriminating against Christians (again). In the end, it's the same old nonsense;

Ms. Donnelly has a religious objection to gay people being accepted in any way whatsoever.

By the way, Ms. Donnelly promised us the apocalypse if gay people could serve openly in the US military. There would be sexual assaults, the spread of AIDS and a massive loss in personnel who would choose not to reenlist. That's just what I can remember off hand.

Has any of this actually happened?
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