Monday, August 5, 2013

Huge sums of money are at stake with the Olympics

Spilling gallons of Stoli is relatively meaningless.

On TV today someone said that the only people who would be hurt by a boycott are 19-year-old athletes. At the risk of appearing cynical, these days, that 19-year-old probably has an agent to handle all of his or her paying sponsors. In 2010, the US Olympic Committee took in 250 million dollars. USOC's CEO, Scott Blackmun, is paid $750,000 per year.  U.S. taxpayers are subsidizing the 501(c)3 status of the USOC.

The Sochi Games will cause billions of dollars to change hands.

The Russian Federation is getting an opportunity to promote its exports and its tourism industry. They also get to enhance their international reputation — all while dramatically increasing tourism and their tax base for the Olympic year. By the way, ice hockey tickets for the medal round are priced at $1,033 each.


Gays are now officially second class citizens in the Russian Federation. They cannot adopt children; They cannot propagandize being gay (which means whatever an enforcer wants it to mean). The effect of the Russian anti-gay laws is to re-criminalize homosexuality. Gays risk imprisonment simply for being gay. If that wasn't bad enough, thugs, inspired by the laws, are doling out "street justice" to people who appear to be gay.

The justification for all of this is the notion that gays are pedophiles and that gays recruit children.  On the surface the anti-propaganda and adoption laws are supposed to protect children. The reasoning is as odious and stigmatizing as the laws themselves.

It's just my opinion but we need to send a clear, unambiguous message to Russia. Imagine the uproar if the Russian Federation did this to any other minority. Suppose they passed antisemitic laws? Only a boycott will send that message.

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