Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Illinois African-American Clergy Group Calls LGBT Community 'Racist'

Bishop Lance L. Davis
Lance L. Davis
African-American leadership are stalwart supporters of marriage equality and LGBT rights.

That includes icons like Ben Jealous, head of the NAACP, Julian Bond and Congressman James Clyburn. Nevertheless, according to Rev. Lance L. Davis, we have engaged in ; “… years of racism and the lack of diversity within the Gay and Lesbian community against Black Gays and Lesbians.”

Davis, head of the African American Clergy Coalition is upset by “… the attempted 2 million Dollar Purchase of the black community and black legislators in return for a ‘yes’ vote on SB 10.”

As for AACC, they have a blank website and they are not organized as a not-for-profit recognized by the IRS.  Davis is pastor of the New Zion Covenant in Dolton, IL. According to Davis:
It is mind blowing that the LGBT community has a poor track record of embracing its own Black Gay and Lesbian brothers and sisters, but now wants to purchase every African American they come across.
The LGBT community continues to remain tight lipped on Trayvon Martin…..but wants to purchase the black community in the most disrespectful manner.
Seriously? Oh and the pastor has issued a warning:
The LGBT needs to be reminded that it cannot “buy” marriage in Illinois. They cannot “buy” the African American community and any effort to do so will work against them. They should be reminded that any effort to purchase votes of legislators in the African American community will be carefully scrutinized and any apparent violation of Illinois’s bribery laws will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement authorities for investigation.
The African American Clergy Coalition is not the be confused with National Organization for Marriage's Coalition of African American Pastors. The latter were smart enough to get paid.

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