Monday, August 12, 2013

It's Back to the Victim Drawing Board for NOM

National Organization for Marriage
It seems like only moments ago I wrote: “National Organization for Marriage is either manufacturing victims, encouraging others to become victims or claiming victimhood themselves.”

Via a new blog post by Brian Brown, NOM's victim in chief we learn of the suffering that they must endure in order to ban gays from marrying:
The National Organization of Marriage has been the victim of a felony in that someone within the IRS leaked NOM's confidential tax return in 2012 to our political opponents. This criminal provided our tax documents, with the names of several donors, to the Human Rights Campaign and the Huffington Post. It is a felony to have provided this information and to have revealed the confidential names of NOM's donors.
NOM has never proved that the source of the tax document was the IRS. Indeed, NOM's co-founder, Maggie Gallagher, claimed that a low-level employee was deceived into sending the return to a third party claiming to be a NOM employee. That suggests that NOM investigated the matter and sorted it out. The supposedly purloined schedule is still available through the Huffington Post [PDF].

NOM is committing a federal crime by filing a knowingly false claim with a government agency.

Yet NOM keeps repeating this lie over and over and over again. Apparently that thing about "false witness" only applies to other people.
Since learning about this, NOM has filed numerous "Freedom of Information Requests" and demanded that the IRS take action against the perpetrator. To this point NOM has received no satisfactory answer from the IRS as to the status of the investigation or even if one is under way.
Of course, that's probably not the whole truth. I'm sure that the IRS has told them that the agency is not in the business of disproving crackpot theories. I am sure that I am not the only person who provided the IRS OIG with a link to Maggie Gallagher's post. Hopefully they stopped spending taxpayer dollars a long time ago.

NOM's theory regarding motive makes even less sense than the accusation. Brian Brown claims that the return was leaked to HRC in order to embarrass Mitt Romney because it shows a Romney PAC as a donor to NOM. Somehow, this is associated with the fact that HRC's CEO resigned to become one of the Obama campaign co-chairs. Exactly why this would embarrass the Mitt has never been explained. Were that the case, then the individual would send the return, with an explanation, to the New York Times.

National Organization for Marriage has lost whatever raison d'ĂȘtre might have remained. They have suffered a series of losses and things are only getting worse. National marriage equality has never seemed more inevitable and I doubt that NOM has either the funds, or the ability to raise the funds, to stave off the many challenges that are now in the works. The recent Supreme Court decisions that reinstated marriage equality in California, while negating Section 3 of DOMA, were devastating.

It's no wonder that NOM wants to change the conversation.

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