Tuesday, August 27, 2013

John Stemberger is having a real bad day raising money for his gay-free Scout alternative

John Stemberger
John Stemberger is the force behind the gay-free Christian Boy Scout alternative (to be named later).

Earlier in the day Stemberger sent out an email blast requesting donations for his start-up venture. The funds were being collected by Stemberger's Florida Family Policy Council, earmarked for the new venture. I politely reminded Mr. Stemberger of several cases including Graves v Commissioner.

Simply stated you cannot launder funds for a non-exempt organization by acting as, what the IRS calls, a “fiscal agent.” The Service frowns on such conduits.

This afternoon, Stemberger does another email blast, Will you invest in the next generation of leaders? This time it is sent from OnMyHonor.net which is just a website. The donation links go to Stellar Financial's space (Stellar Financial is a not-for-profit financial processor).

It doesn't look like that's going to work out too well either.
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