Wednesday, August 14, 2013

NARTH 'Condemns Gay Persecution'

NARTH sends out a helping of self-serving BS — along with the pseudo-science.
The National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality condemns the growing trend in some parts of the world aimed at terrorizing gay youth and homosexual adults. Media accounts of these neo-Nazi type efforts to harass, intimidate and even physically assault gays whether on-line or in personal confrontations are disturbing.
Individuals should be protected in their right to self identify as homosexual without fear of persecution. At the same time, individuals who experience unwanted homosexual attractions should also be protected in their right to voluntarily seek assistance to manage or overcome those attractions. The right to indicate our sexual or personal identity and to choose how to respond to our sexual attractions should be a universal human right.
NARTH is responsible for more persecution than Putin can dole out on his best days. 
  • NARTH gives – sometimes desperate – people the unrealistic idea that they can change their sexual orientation. When they fail to change, fragile egos are further damaged and they can become profoundly depressed.
  • NARTH gives cover to anti-gay hate groups. In suggesting that sexual orientation is mutable, homosexuality can be seen as behavior in contrast to organic attraction. This allows anti-gay groups to liken homosexuality to alcoholism, drug abuse and smoking.
  • NARTH convinces parents that their child's sexual orientation can be changed. When the kid (inevitably) stays gay it is his or her fault. Parents and child are told that they did not work hard enough to change. Nobody is "at fault" for their sexual orientation.
The only "ex-gays" that I seem to see or hear from are people who have an economic interest in professing to be "ex-gay."

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