Thursday, August 1, 2013

NOM Fighting Proposition 8 Again, Oh My - Oy Veh

Official "Yes on 8&qu...
According to their blog post, we should "Support Prop 8 and the Rule of Law."

Brian, hon, Proposition 8 is deceased. Haven't you heard?

After a recitation of events mostly inaccurate NOM proclaims:
If you have not already, please read the email below and join our California allies in contacting the County Supervisors and voice your support of County Clerk Ernie Dronenburg.
I have no clue what that is supposed to do. NOM's suggested text:
Dear Supervisor Name, as a concerned citizen, voter, and follower of the California Constitution, I would like to urge you to support and encourage County Clerk Dronenburg in his lawsuit filed with the California Supreme Court for clarification and guidance in the matter of Proposition 8. It is important that all marriages enjoy constitutional protection, and Mr. Dronenburg's lawsuit seeks to clarify if Proposition 8 is truly the law, thus protecting all citizens. Please respond to me at: (your email address.) with your decision. Thank you. Sincerely, your name
As usual there's a bit of bullshit in this. Aside from the idea that Dronenburg "just wants clarification," his lawyer just happens to be Charles LiMandri, a Defender of the Faith and former NOM general counsel. Pure coincidence, of course.

In any event, California county supervisors are irrelevant to marriage equality. Furthermore, they are all smart enough to realize that Dronenburg's mission was to create an obstruction to equality. 
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