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NOM's Jennifer Thieme Explains it all for you

Jennifer Thieme - National Organization for Marriage
Jennifer Thieme, a staffer for NOM's Ruth Institute, has been having a colloquy with Gregory Angelo, Executive Director of Log Cabin Republicans via Op-Ed submissions to the Christian Post. The latest installment is “To the Log Cabin Republicans: Natural Marriage Policy is Best.” Among her startling conclusions:
Biological Parenthood Limits State Power

Mr. Angelo criticizes my preference for biological parenthood. He doesn't offer an alternative, but the only alternative is unacceptable: to have the state assign parenthood in all cases. That's what "parent 1 and parent 2" means--the biological reality of mother and father is disregarded in favor of subjective definitions.
That is nonsensical. The only time that the state assigns parenthood is in the case of adoption, irrespective of the sexual orientation of the adoptive parent(s). It is just one of Frank Schubert's talking points for an intellectually incurious constituency.

Ms. Thieme simply cannot get her head around the reality that same-sex couples are parents, irrespective of the disapproval of her church.

Furthermore, due to divorce, a considerable number of children have both birth parents and step parents. The latter are actually responsible for raising the child. Because the Church disapproves of divorce, Ms. Thieme has difficulty accepting that fact that people do get divorced. The point is that parenthood has many variations and that many children are being raised by people other than their biological parents.

Furthermore, whether she likes it or not — whether the Church like it or not, many children are being raised by gay couples.
Same Sex Marriage Does Not Replenish Itself

This headline caught my eye a few days ago:

"Gay Couple Set to Sue Church of England Over Refusal to Offer Same-Sex Nuptials."

Besides the selfishness on display from a rich man saying, "I'm still not getting what I want," this story matters for another reason. This couple was the first couple in the U.K. to have "parent 1 and parent 2" on their kids' birth certificates. Redefining marriage redefines parenthood, and redefining parenthood leads to redefining marriage. The two concepts are inexorably linked. Same sex marriage and parenting are artificial constructions …
This is just a rehash of the tired argument that the purpose for marriage is to crank out children. Marriage doesn't “replenish itself.” “Replenish” presupposes that the supply of something is diminished or exhausted and then restored. Perhaps Ms. Thieme is suggesting a zero sum proposition whereby same-sex marriages replace traditional marriage.

That is understandable given that it would be consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church which doesn't really acknowledge the existence of gay people; Homosexuality is a disordered behavior. Of course, in the real world, science informs us that sexual orientation does exist. Denying marriage equality to gay people is not going to cause them to enter into traditional marriages.

This “parent 1”and “parent 2” contrivance is irrelevant to marriage equality. Nor, for that matter, does it redefine parenthood in any way whatsoever. For example, adoptive parents and step parents are still parents. They raise a child. Ms. Thieme claims that same-sex couples cannot be parents (it's an “artificial” construct).

In that regard, Ms. Thieme is doing what other extremely conservative Catholics do. She starts with the false premise that there is no such thing as same-sex marriage because the Church does not approve of same-sex marriage.

While the Church is one of the institutions that consecrates marriage, it does not provide any of the legal benefits of marriage. That is a function of the contract that marriage creates which is then recognized by the state. The state's recognition starts with the premise that marriage creates a marital estate. If the marriage creates children, the state's expressed interest in marriage (for example Florida family law) is to care for children in the event of the dissolution of the marriage.

Once again, NOM wants to do something that hasn't been done is several centuries — impose canon law on civil law.
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