Thursday, August 1, 2013

So NOM Proposes to Punish Legislators in Minnesota and Rhode Island for Doing Their Job

Flushing money down the crapper
National Organization for Marriage announced today they are going to spend "up to" $500,000 in Minnesota and "up to" $100,000 in Rhode Island to unseat legislators who voted in favor of marriage equality. Seriously?

I doubt that NOM has a spare $600 thou to throw around.

More importantly, this strategy hasn't worked. They meddled in New York and, thereafter, legislatures (like Minnesota, Rhode Island and Delaware) passed marriage equality. NOM meddled with retention elections in Iowa. That doesn't seem to have stopped judges from ruling in favor of marriage equality.

Legislators and judges have done their jobs. They neither require nor seek NOM's approval. The notion that they should change their decisions because of the possible disapproval of a proxy for the Catholic Church hierarchy is deeply offensive. This is a crass effort to purchase more favorable decisions and actions in the future. NOM is asking judges and legislators to pretend that there are secular reasons to oppose marriage equality — then to further pretend that the Establishment Clause does not exist.

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