Wednesday, August 14, 2013

St. Petersburg Gay Activist to be Charged With 'Extremist Activity'

Kirill Kalugin
This is Propagating Tolerance
Remember Mr. Kalugin? He is the man who was peacefully protesting Russia's anti-gay laws when he was attacked by a pack of Russian paratroopers. Numerous media sources have translated Kalugin's sign as "This is propagating tolerance." A St. Petersburg authority claims that it reads "Sodom in every home." In any event, it looks like Mr. Kalugin's legal peril is far more than a modest fine. This piece from the Moscow Times gets more offensive by the paragraph:
A St. Petersburg City Hall deputy said that a gay rights activist who staged a one-man picket at the city's Dvortsovaya Ploshchad earlier in August must be charged with extremist activity.

Vitaly Milonov, who co-authored the highly criticized law banning "homosexual propaganda" in St. Petersburg, said that activist Kirill Kalugin's poster that read "Sodom in every home" was extremist.
"He either mentally ill, or is paid [for his activity]. I'm afraid it's both," Milonov said.

Milonov said that Kalugin was under the authorities' scrutiny and that charges against him were being prepared.
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