Sunday, August 11, 2013

Stemberger and ADF continue their cliff jump over BSA policy

Over the Christianist Cliff
All this drama because the BSA decided to accept gay Scouts.

I received “An IMPORTANT Meno” [sic] from John Stenberger and the interim director of his gay-free scouting group, Rob Green.

Presumably, he is not using "meno" in its Socratic form (which would be rather pretentious). Thus, this wasn't important enough to be proofread. Nevertheless, the purpose of this email is to direct our attention to a document authored by the legal wizards at Alliance Defending Freedom. Apparently, accepting gay boys has created legal hazards. The ADF opinion was signed by David A. Cortman and Erik Stanely [sic]. Erik's last name is "Stanley."

In case you didn't know, Stemberger suffers from “Reverse Midas”. Everything he touches turns to …

According to ADF:
BSA’s Policy Change Undermines the Legal Protection It and Its Chartering Organizations Obtained in Boy Scouts of America v. Dale, Subjecting Them to Substantial Legal Risk. 
Boy Scouts of America v. Dale held that the constitutional right to freedom of association allows a private organization like the BSA to exclude a person from membership when “the presence of that person affects in a significant way the group's ability to advocate public or private viewpoints.” Then, after some convoluted analysis, they conclude:
By changing its membership policy, BSA has opened itself and the religious groups that charter troops to great risk of being sued if they refuse to accept any sexual orientation or preference. The new policy is the type of “demonstrated change” that may leave some courts ready to rule against BSA and its chartered organizations. They will lose the protection afforded by Dale to define certain behaviors and beliefs as incompatible … they will have no choice but to accept all non-normative sexual preferences of potential members.
What these erudite legal scholars seem to be suggesting is the same utter nonsense that they peddled when the Matthew Shepard Act was in deliberation. According to the Christianists, there are hundreds of sexual orientations. For example, they insist that pedophilia is a sexual orientation. Crazy Louie Gohmert even said so on the House floor calling it the "Pedophilia Protection Act." By the way, where are they housing all of those locked up pastors? Gohmert and his buddy Steve King of Iowa assured us that the purpose of the hate crimes law was to criminalize Christianity.

It was an absurdity then and it is an absurdity now. Sexual orientation is defined in law and science as the attraction to men, women, neither or both. If you want a heartier baloney sandwich, you can read Stemberger's own legal analysis. It deserves no comment as it is just mad gibberish.

Stemberger's email comes to a predictable conclusion:
Support the new Youth Adventure Program with a financial gift today. We have considerable expenses associated with this enormous undertaking including art and design costs, printing and production costs, staff expenses and intellectual property legal fees. Would you consider making your most generous contribution online now.
I'd wager that Stemberger is the beneficiary of those reimbursed staff expenses and legal fees. 
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