Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The often overlooked damage caused by the ex-gay movement

John Paulk
Proud gay man and former
national spokesman for the
ex-gay movement - John Paulk
We all know that the ex-gay movement is damaging to its participants. Moreover, we are aware of the fact that ex-gay mythology is used as a device for denying gays and lesbians equal protection under the law.

Conversion "therapy" is largely supported by religious organizations and the only ex-gays that we ever meet seem to have an economic interest in claiming to be ex-gay.  Exodus is gone; Its leaders acknowledging what we have always known, that nobody ever changes their sexual orientation. The AMA, the APA and the rest of the professional organizations have been correct after all. NARTH lost its tax-exempt status in March after failing to file a tax return for three consecutive years. They are hanging by an economic thread.

That said, I was looking over the advisory board of Christopher Doyle's preposterous Voice of the Voiceless and I was struck by the very sad profile of Gisele Roy, someone among the crackpots. We don't know who wrote the copy:
Gisele Roy
Gisele Roy is a parent of a son in his twenties who has battled SSA for 13 years. She has struggled with the emotional pain of seeing her son experience rejection from his peers, loneliness, and deep depression.
When her son turned 16, he had a true conversion experience. She and her mother watched in awe as her son threw out all of his homosexual magazines that he had hidden under the mattress of his bed. He also began to be interested in learning more about Jesus […]

It is Gisele’s hope that she, her husband and her son will continue to work on healing the deep-seated pain and emotional causes of his SSA and that her son will be able to find a wife who will complement him in every way.
Apparently, in spite of his mother's claim of conversion, he is still gay. What a shock. I confess that it drives me to distraction when people refer to homosexuality as same-sex attraction and then abbreviate it "SSA" as if it were in the DSM.

Every mainline medical association opposes conversion therapy while asserting that sexual orientation is innate. Instead of listening to the real experts, Ms. Roy and her son listened to priests and charlatans.

Doing so seems to have torn her entire family apart.

She has a gay son whom she is pressuring to enter into a sham marriage. It is inevitable that, at some point in the future, this young man will assert his true sexuality. When he does, and he will, he is going to need therapy to undo the years of abuse that has been heaped upon him.

Meanwhile, if you read her "testimony," Ms. Gisele and her husband are wracked by guilt. She or they have concluded that they are responsible for turning there kid gay.

These people have my sincere sympathy. I wonder how horrified Ms. Gisele would be if she learned all about Doyle's silent "partner," Richard Cohen, the deranged Moonie cultist.

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