Saturday, August 10, 2013

Todd Starnes: 'Diminished Capacity'

Todd Starnes
The commentator is one of Fox's dim bulbs.

Life is simple for Todd Starnes. Obama, gays, liberals and Democrats are all baaad. Starnes likes it that way — simple. Todd Starnes is a Culture Warrior™.

Last evening's post starts innocently enough: Obama Wants Gay Athletes to Win Medals.
Obama said he is looking forward to “maybe some gay and lesbian athletes bringing home the gold or silver or bronze, which I think would go a long way in rejecting the kind of attitudes that we’re seeing there.”

It sounds like the president is suggesting a litmus test for membership on the U.S. Olympic team.
No. It doesn't sound like the President is suggesting anything even close to a "litmus test" for anything. Read it again, Todd!

By the way, Starnes is following Tea Party protocol. When referring to a specific president of the United States it should be "the President," with a capital "P." Starnes is sending the message (with his lower case "p" — wink, wink) that President Obama isn't really  President of the United States. Doing this is popular among the WND crowd.
Why can’t President Obama support all of our Olympic athletes — regardless of who they choose to love, regardless of their sexual orientation?
Presumably Starnes is being sarcastic. On the other hand, he probably knows that his audience is generally incapable of appreciating nuance or sarcasm.

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