Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tony Perkins is right: "Chris Christie Undermines Freedom By Banning Sexual Orientation Therapy"

Tony Perkins - Family Research Council
Others have undermined freedom by banning lobotomy Still others have undermined freedom by banning "bleeding" children to rid them of demons.

Tony Perkins (or one of his trolls) has authored an email dealing with Chris Christie's signing a law banning sexual reorientation "therapy" for children. Of course, Governor Christie's real heresy was claiming that gay children are born gay. That undermines not freedom but the anti-gay agenda of hate groups like Perkins' Family Research Council. In the same email, FRC's gay go-to guy, Peter Sprigg, is quoted:
The New Jersey bill strips away a core ethical principle of the counseling profession-the right of the client to set his or her own goals for therapy. Under this bill, even if a young person, the person's parents, and the therapist all agree on the goal of seeking a change in sexual orientation, the iron hand of the state will forbid it. This law tramples on the rights of minors, parents, and therapists alike.
Of course, Mr. Sprigg's "expertise" comes from being a protestant minister and presupposes a medical impossibility — sexual orientation change. Real mental health organizations have concluded that such efforts are not only ineffective but toxic. Notably, 92 percent of former "ex-gay" patients report that they experienced harm as a result of their treatment. Sprigg continues:
Gov. Christie has accepted a distorted view of what the research shows. There is abundant evidence that therapy can be effective in helping some people to achieve a personal goal of changing their sexual orientation from homosexual to heterosexual. The claims of harm resulting from such therapy are, on the other hand, almost entirely anecdotal. And any weighing of risks and rewards must include consideration of the risks associated with homosexual conduct itself, such as high rates of depression and anxiety; high rates of tobacco, alcohol and substance use; a higher prevalence of certain cancers; and among men, high rates of sexually transmitted diseases.
No Mr. Sprigg, there is not "abundant evidence" that people can change sexual orientation. There is no study published in a mainstream peer reviewed scientific journal that supports what amounts to pseudo-science. If, in fact, there exist higher rates of depression and anxiety among gay people, that is the result of hate groups like Family Research Council. As for sexually transmitted disease, all young people should be persuaded to use condoms.

Being gay is not unhealthy. It is repression and discrimination that negatively affects the health of gay people.

Then comes the bottom line to all of this nonsense:
Connie Mackey, President of FRCAction PAC, made the following comments on the political implications of the governor's decision:

“Governor Christie's poorly informed decision not only undermines the rights of minors, parents and therapists but I predict that it will also ultimately undermine any of his national political ambitions…”
FRC is promoting the idea that politicians should do FRC's bidding. The Establishment Clause be damned.
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