Friday, August 16, 2013

Would you all please send NOM and Brian Brown a box of tissues?

National Organization for Marriage Crying Towel
Yesterday's victim report from National Organization for Marriage brought me to tears.

It is called Breaking Bad Across the Nation and we begin our sad tale with with the trials and tribulations of Donnie McClurkin and Breaking bad in the nation's capital:
Who would think we would live to see the day when a black Mayor of the District of Columbia would use not only local but federal funds to ban a Grammy-award winning black pastor from performing at a concert in honor of Rev. King because — he believes and says that Christ liberated him from "the sin of homosexuality."
I think that last run-on sentence is supposed to end with a question mark. Nevertheless, Brian Brown has fibbed yet again. Donnie McClurkin was dumped for things like comparing gay kids to vampires — not for claiming to be “ex-gay.”
When we first started to point out that gay marriage was not just going to be about private liberty and public tolerance — but would result in limits on freedom of speech and religion — many people called us liars or fools. Now, we are looking more and more like prophets. I wish it weren't so, but things, my dear friends, are breaking bad, very bad.
After writing that paragraph who could possibly call anyone at NOM a liar or a fool? Don't bother answering that because we're off to Breaking bad in Iowa:
It's hard to believe, but even in Iowa opponents of God's design for marriage have resorted to name calling, threats, and bias [sic] behavior.
Who writes this crap anyway?
… the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board, chaired by a woman who used to work for one of the judges we helped Iowans unseat, is targeting the National Organization for Marriage. After a homosexual activist filed a frivolous complaint against NOM, the Executive Director and General Counsel of the Board effectively convicted NOM in absentia, declaring NOM to be "absolutely wrong" without ever seeing the evidence.
Oh my. That's another fib from our boy Brian. Megan Tooker, the ethics board’s lawyer and executive director, noted that the National Organization for Marriage was “absolutely wrong” in several of its interpretations of state law.

That statement was based on NOM's submissions to the board trying to explain why the matter should not be further investigated. There was sufficient evidence (provided by NOM of course) to draw that conclusion and the board only voted (unanimously) to proceed with an investigation. NOM had not been convicted. And it's not like NOM does not have a track record. In spite of a court order, they still have not complied with campaign finance laws in Maine. It gets around when people are lawbreakers. Fred Karger was correct in Maine and I have every reason to believe that he will be found correct in Iowa. Of course, NOM is already setting up the loss as the victims of something nefarious.

And that brings us to Breaking bad at the IRS (still).
The administrative state has tools to make life difficult for disfavored political groups. And the IRS scandal continues to be a perfect case study.

If you do just one thing this week for marriage, please, write to the House Ways and Means Committee to:

[serious drivelectomy]

… demand IRS Commissioner Steve Miller tell the truth about how a felony can be committed against taxpayers by releasing private information—and no-one get disciplined at all?
It's yet another fib. NOM knows perfectly well that no felony was committed. As Maggie Brown explained, someone duped a low level employee into sending out an unredacted tax return. The IRS probably stopped at that point. I know, I know. It was all a conspiracy between Obama and HRC. Sure.

But now we are off to Breaking bad in the private sector.
Frank Turek knows what it's like to be targeted for his views and also how a Christian hero responds. You may remember Frank from NOM's MarriageADA video:

He lost a job with Cisco Systems after a student Googled him and discovered he had written a book (check it out here) opposing gay marriage. Not for anything he said or did on the job, but for his political and religious views.
Is anyone keeping track of all the fibs? I guess that you could call a consulting assignment a job. Turek might actually be a bona fide victim of over-zealous political correctness. We do not know because Cisco has steadfastly refused to comment on the issue. Nor, for that matter, has Turek been willing to answer any real questions.

A little reality is in order. About the worst tragedy to befall Brian Brown is that he is losing a political campaign. He might even lose his job. Yet, while he is complaining, gay kids are getting the shit beaten out of them every day, and Brown is partially responsible. Gay people are routinely denied employment and advancement, even housing, just for being gay. So boo-fucking-hoo for NOM and for all of their imaginary victims and victimization.

If Brown did lose his job that would be due to his own ineptitude. Brian Brown is a pathological liar. I've hired and fired my fair share of his type over the years. They are usually not around to collect a gold watch.

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