Thursday, September 5, 2013

AFA throws in the towel on Home Depot boycott - Claims victory

According to American Family Association, “Home Depot practices reflect change; AFA suspends boycott.”

Tim Wildmon, head of the hate group continues:
When AFA called for a boycott of Home Depot three years ago because of its support of homosexual activist groups, I knew we were taking on a huge task. After all, Home Depot is a huge company. But I knew we had a lot of friends who would stand with us.

Now, I'm glad to report to you that we are suspending the boycott of Home Depot. After monitoring the company for several months, AFA is satisfied the company has withdrawn its major financial contributions to gay activist groups and events.
The notion that AFA's boycott is of any importance to the folks at Home Depot is ludicrous. Home Depot (NYSE: HD) is a $75 billion dollar a year enterprise. Over the last three years, ended January 31, operating income has increased by over 60%.

Just six months ago, AFA was having a cow over a small donation by Home Depot to HRC. It would appear that AFA is now confronting the embarrassing fact that continuing a campaign beyond three years only highlights the ineffectiveness and irrelevance of their little anti-gay endeavor.
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