Thursday, September 5, 2013

Brian Brown calls Justice Ginsburg "clueless" - I am amused

Maybe National Organization for Marriage actually raises money off this drivel.

According to Brian Brown:
Justice Ginsburg is obviously clueless when it comes to understanding the true nature of marriage. And that is terribly scary since she's one of the nine most important people in America when it comes to preserving the future of this great institution …
Brown calling anyone else “clueless” is extremely amusing. However, this is my favorite bit of meaningless hyperbole:

How many generations of children will be sacrificed to the gods of the gay lobby who demand the redefinition of marriage as an idol to their political movement? How long will children be told that men and women are not unique, that children don't need a mom and a dad, and that there's no special connection between marriage and child birth and rearing — it's just a sperm and egg that can be carried by anyone; any two people will do. 
Brown writes like Joyce Kilmer which is possibly not coincidental. We have “gods of the gay lobby” and an idol to a political movement? Seriously? I dare you to diagram that last sentence with the irrelevant references to children.

I don't know about you but the last time I sacrificed a child it was for rain. To be honest, I had to sacrifice another kid to get the damned rain to stop. But what this is really all about is obvious:
Your gift will be instantly doubled and will be deployed to the front lines so that we can continue our critical fight for the preservation of the precious institution of marriage. Thank you.
Right to the front lines? Apparently in 2011, the most recent year for which information is available, that meant paying Maggie Brown $160,000 plus benefits and payroll taxes for doing absolutely nothing.
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