Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Brian Brown's Mindless Hypocrisy

Brian S. Brown
Brian Brown, head of National Organization for Marriage has a habit of making some astoundingly hypocritical statements — accusing others of doing what NOM does. Psychologists call it “projection.”

Last month, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo appointed former State Senator James Alesi to the state Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board. Alesi, from the Rochester area, was one of four Republican senators to provide support for same-sex marriage in 2011.

Jon Campbell of Gannett's Albany bureau reports:

“Does anyone really need to guess? It’s payback,” Brian Brown, the head of the National Organization for Marriage, said with a hearty laugh Tuesday.

“Come on,” Brown said via telephone. “Cuomo talks a lot about corruption, but when his buddies vote his way, he’s more than willing to give them a high-paying job in the administration. That’s all this is. Give me a break.”
"Payback?" Payback is when National Organization for Marriage in conjunction with the Catholic Church unseat politicians who don't conform to their religious doctrine. That's payback. Last time I checked, the Establishment Clause is still within the First Amendment.

Appointing someone to a post two years after they voted the way you wanted is not corruption. NOM is constantly threatening elected representatives with political expenditures to unseat them if the legislator doesn't vote in opposition to marriage equality. NOM is asking politicians to consider their tenure in office more important than their responsibilities to their constituents. While that does not rise to the level of corruption, it's close. It essentially exchanges money (or absence of money to one's opponents) in exchange for a vote.

On top of that, NOM consistently does not comply with campaign finance disclosure laws. Brian Brown dares to speak about integrity! NOM should obey a court order and submit it's donor records to the Maine campaign finance disclosure board.
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