Monday, September 23, 2013

Chutzpah: Tony Perkins accuses SPLC of hate speech

Tony Perkins' latest piece in Charisma is titled: “When Hate Speech Triggers Hateful Violence.” Once again, the leader of the hate group, Family Research Council, is trying to get some mileage from the attack on their headquarters by Floyd Lee Corkins. Corkins shot an employee of FRC in the lobby opf the building. According to Mr. Perkins:
Soon after the attack, Corkins admitted to the FBI that he identified the Family Research Council as a target through the Southern Poverty Law Center's so-called "hate map." Prosecutors later revealed in federal court this link between the center and this act
of domestic terrorism. It is quite ironic that the Southern Poverty Law Center, the supposed authority on all things hateful, was linked in court to Corkins' hateful attack on the Family Research Council.
[ … ]
He rehearsed the trip to the building, faking a reason for entering the lobby two days before the actual attack. As he admits, this crime was premeditated. Despite all of this, his crime has yet to be listed as an incident of hate on the Southern Poverty Law Center's website. More irony.
Perkins is taking some liberty with the truth. Shocking, I know. The reason that SPLC is “linked in court” is because Perkins keeps dishonestly insisting that they are somehow responsible for the incident at FRC's Washington headquarters. Perkins knows perfectly well that this wasn't a hate crime. A hate crime is one that is motivated by racial, sexual or other prejudice. Sorry Mr. Perkins but your "poor us" has some limitations.
Let me be clear: The Family Research Council does not believe that the Southern Poverty Law Center's connection in court to this terrorist shooting in any way lessens Corkins' responsibility for his crimes.
There we go again with the ten-thousandth time that someone from FRC has used the “connection in court.”The only connection is the one that Perkins insists on to distract from the fact that his organization is a designated hate group.
However, the Southern Poverty Law Center also seeks to silence others—by demonizing those with whom it disagrees. In a civil society, shutting down debate is not how reasonable people and organizations operate. Intimidating others shreds the "ordered liberty" our Founders desired and ultimately undermines the rights of everyone.
It is spectacular hypocrisy for Perkins mentioning "the rights of everyone."  Furthermore, his group disparages gay people 24 x 7. Hasn't he forfeited the right to complain about "demonizing" others? In a "civil society" we don't speak about exporting gay people, something that an FRC spokesman has done.

My staff and I would never have dreamed there would come a day when publishing research that says children flourish best with a mom and a dad would subject them to obscene calls, verbal harassment and an armed gunman threatening their lives. It is equally jarring that academic research into homosexuality and public policy would produce violence.
"Academic research?" Enough! We all know the BS that FRC "publishes" and we all know that the qualifications of its "researchers" are limited to religious education. We also know that none of the "research" is published to peer reviewed scholarly journals. FRC's anti-gay screeds are provided in pamphlets (that some churches distribute) and web pages. Moreover, the notion that FRC limits its commentary to "children flourish best with a mom and a dad" is utter nonsense. Family Research Council, for example, routinely claims that gay people are sexual predators of children. That's just for starters.

FRC is a designated hate group for good cause.

Just a very few of the many examples that come to mind with some help from GLAAD:
  • Perkins himself claims that gay young people “have a higher propensity to depression or suicide because of that internal conflict; homosexuals may recognize intuitively that their same-sex attractions are abnormal."
  • Family Research Council has distributed a pamphlet that claims gay men are more likely to molest children, and supports "reorientation therapy" for gay people.
  • Family Research Council has distributed a pamphlet that begins by equating the logic behind same-sex marriage to the logic behind man-horse marriage.
  • Perkins Called the It Gets Better project "disgusting," claiming it tells children "that it's okay to be immoral" and constitutes a "concerted effort to persuade kids that homosexuality is okay and actually to recruit them into that lifestyle"; also called the project a "deceptive lie."
… and on and on and on and on. SPLC has about as much responsibility for this as Google maps. I am a survivor of gun violence. There is no excuse for what Corkins did. Nevertheless, FRC is an organization that calls people disgusting, diseased perverts whose only ambition in life is to rape your children. Perkins needs to take some responsibility for his real hate speech.
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