Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fox's Todd Starnes claims that it is gays who are intolerant

Todd Starnes
Apparently, according to Mr. Starnes, the LGBT community is supposed to be tolerant of discrimination.

Sweet Cakes By Melissa is the Gresham, Oregon bakery that refused to bake a cake for a lesbian commitment ceremony. This resulted in a complaint filed by the couple for discrimination in accordance with Oregon's anti-discrimination laws prohibiting denial of service based on sexual orientation. After a lengthy diatribe ("oh the poor victimized Christians") Todd Starnes concludes:
The plight of the Klein family exposes the true nature of the left. Those who preach tolerance and diversity are the least tolerant and the least diverse of all.
Were Starnes a tad more clever, that might rise to cognitive dissonance. This has little to do with tolerance and diversity. Is there some ambiguity over who was denied service by whom?

We have every right to insist that public accommodations obey the law and not refuse service based on sexual orientation. It's just that simple. Unless smearing butter cream on sponge cake is some sort of religious sacrament, there is no reason to refuse service based on “sincerely held religious beliefs®.”

I would also like to know why gays are so special. To be consistent, the Kleins would have to deny service to Jews since we are all destined to hell. Furthermore, where is their qualification questionairre? Do they inquire if people have had sex outside of marriage, are divorced or commit any of a number of sins that should disqualify them from purchasing a cake from Sweet Cakes By Melissa? Unless they are consistent then gays are singled out for discrimination. Isn't that intolerance per se?
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