Thursday, September 12, 2013

Is NOM approaching its 'sell-by' date?

Today's Marriage News from National Organization for Marriage is a sad and tedious communique.

We start with NOM's dishonest claim that the Australian election results were a referendum on equal marriage. About 65% of Australians support marriage equality.  As Equality Matters pointed out, Tony Abbott won in spite of being opposed to equality.

We go from one dishonesty to the next:
Speaking of amendments, here at home we're continuing to work to encourage support for the Federal Marriage Amendment being sponsored by Representative Tim Huelskamp of Kansas. We've
written to thousands of marriage supporters across the country urging them to invite their own Representative to become a co-sponsor of the proposed amendment. The resolution now has 52 co-sponsors! NOM will be working with our allies on the Hill and among other organizations to keep the pressure on members of the House to support this important bill.
Brian Brown knows perfectly well that the chances of success are less than zero. Just submitting it for ratification would require two-thirds majorities in the House and Senate. Right now they have less than 12% of the House. Then 38 states have to ratify. Since 13 already have marriage equality, that's probably a non-starter. Not going to happen. This is just a dishonest ploy to raise money from the ignorant. 

Money down the crapper
Brown is then asking for yet more money to thwart equality in Hawaii and Illinois. Hawaii looks like a done deal. If Illinois doesn't get done this year it will get done next year. Resistance is pointless. New Mexico looks about done. Indiana, Pennsylvania, Oregon and others are all in the works through the courts, legislatures and ballots. This is what critical mass looks like.

From there:
As I've always told you, I'm confident that if America were to vote on marriage, we would clearly win. Like the people of Australia, we know the importance of marriage for men and women and for our whole society, especially children.
I seem to recall that the American people did vote last fall and we ran the table. Four for four plus we stopped a judicial recall in Iowa and we elected a pro-equality President. WTF is Brown talking about?

Those days are over. Besides, the DOMA decision coupled with IRS and Department of Defense rule clarifications are more progress towards the inevitable achievement of national marriage equality — and Brown knows it.

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