Monday, September 16, 2013

Regnerus: "Russian Lawmaker Misusing My Gay Parenting Study"

Mark Regnerus
That may be but Mark Regnerus has never authored a “gay parenting study.”

The beleaguered researcher comments on pending Russian legislation that would remove children from gay parents:
… such a legislative move would be wrong. Why? Because the study in question, and no shortage of other analyses of population-based data, reaffirm that kinship and stability are important for children.
Generating new household instability, via one-size-fits-all legislation poised to sever the parent-child bond, is to overlook these basic conclusions of the study. A comparable treatment is not, I presume, planned against heterosexual step families, regardless of the extent of the household upheaval and parental relationship drama that may or may not have generated them.
Regnerus sustains the fiction that he has authored a study of gay parenting when, in reality, he authored a study of disfunctional heterosexual parenting. Yet he does not want to be responsible for his own bullshit.
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