Sunday, September 8, 2013

Simple Answers: 'Suppose a homosexual business was asked [fill in the odious blank]?'

J. Matt Barber
They are all just too clever for us!

Michael Brown asks:
What if I asked a gay-owned t-shirt shop to make me a street-preaching shirt that said, “It is not OK to be Gay.” If he declined, would that be discrimination based upon my religious beliefs?
Matt Barber puts it this way:
What if ‘Gays’ Were Forced to Serve Westboro Baptist Haters?
This is in response to the idiotic Oregon baker who claims that he was forced to close his doors after refusing a lesbian couple a cake for their commitment ceremony. It's worth noting that, back in February, NOM claimed that said bakery was enjoying a boom in business.

Back to the rhetorical questions, I propose two simple choices:
  1. I take their money with a smile and use it to do something very gay with my partner. By the way, “thank you very much.”
  2. I tell them that I welcome their business and think that they should know that the gross profits will be donated to the Human Rights Campaign. By the way, “thank you very much.”
Any questions?

By the way, the notion that J. Matt Barber is any less bigoted than the folks at WBC is as absurd as his argument. 
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