Thursday, October 3, 2013

An erratic Brian S. Brown

Brian S. Brown
So National Organization for Marriage has followed up on their lawsuit against the IRS with a press release. If NOM is going to change the discussion from marriage to the IRS then they confirm that they are in a donor loop; They exist to collect contributions to exist.

What caught my attention was this bit of BS:
Magically, soon after their president was named a national Co-Chair of the Obama Releection <sic> campaign, the HRC got what they wanted. It's an established fact that the information originated with the IRS.
Let me try this: Magically, soon after the rooster crows, the sun rises. It is the classic confusion of causation in contrast to correlation. Furthermore, it is far from “established fact” that the IRS provided the information to HRC. There is no motive. Showing a few dollars from a Romney PAC to NOM was hardly news and certainly had no impact. That has always been NOM's explanation. John Eastman tries a different spin:

The campaign of harassment and intimidation that had been tried and perfected in the fight over California's Proposition 8 could now begin again in the 2012 election cycle. That effort succeeded. Donations to NOM and to the ballot campaigns then underway became increasingly hard to come by, to the point that the same-sex marriage forces were able to outspend NOM and its allies by more than $20 million dollars (a nearly 4 to 1 advantage) in the 4 States where marriage was on the ballot in November 2012, resulting in the first electoral losses for traditional marriage ever.
Presumably the difference in money had more to do with the growing acceptance of equal marriage than a list of NOM's donors in 2008. Some of that acceptance is the result of NOM's (and Brown's) ineptitude. NOM would prefer to blame others for their own shortcomings.

Someone did have a motive for sending this schedule to HRC. However, it was not of sufficient importance to risk their career over, let alone their freedom. Therefore, it seems highly unlikely to have come from the IRS and there is no proof that it did.
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