Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Another lengthy Gish Gallup from NOM with a "Poor Us" theme

Brian Brown, leader of National Organization for Marriage wants us to know “How the Left Does it.” Brown mistakenly believes that he is a conservative but that the subject for another post. These days, Brown cannot write an honest sentence. For example, according to Mr. Brown:
In recent days, it has become clearer than ever that the fight to defend true marriage is a fight for the very identity and destiny of our great nation. Marriage is the foundation that supports our country, and we simply cannot have a well-functioning nation if we destroy the marriage culture. But that's what is happening before our very eyes.
Bear with me as I dissect some of the above. I don't know what has happened in "recent days" in regard to marriage. "True marriage" to Mr. Brown means the marriage of opposite sex partners. That might include the new wedlock of a prisoner serving life-without or a convicted child molester. Of course true marriage is defined as a legally recognized marriage, a concept that Mr. Brown cannot accept. Once again Mr. Brown is claiming that marriage equality has some effect on the "identity and destiny" of the country. Mr. Brown does not really believe that we are a "great nation." At the very core of our national "identity" has been a progressive ideal of equality and fairness. Among other things, we freed the slaves, gave women the right to vote, ended Jim Crow and now we are addressing gay rights. Mr. Brown's secret definition of a "great nation" would probably be a Catholic theocracy. Marriage is not the "foundation that supports our country." That would be our Constitution and the idea that we are a secular state and a nation of laws. Our nation functions quite well with marriage equality, if not better. What is happening "before our very eyes" is that the American People are coming to their senses and realizing that allowing gays to marry makes us a fairer, more equal nation with no adverse consequences. Over ten years in Massachusetts and there are no reports of planets colliding.

Mr. Brown tries to wear us out.

Three short sentences of lies and half-truths require a lengthy paragraph of counter-point. I suspect that Brown no longer cares about being truthful. He continues:
In North Carolina, a lawsuit has been pending before the courts to strike down the state's Marriage Amendment — a law passed just last May and by 61% of the popular vote! But just this week North Carolina's Attorney General, tasked with defending the voters' will in this case, compromised his integrity in that role by formally announcing his support for same-sex 'marriage.' Worse, he's headlining a fundraising event for a group that wants the courts to strike down the marriage law!
First of all, May 8, 2012 is not "just last May." Did I mention that Brown has trouble writing an honest sentence? It's worth mentioning that the 2012 voter turnout was about two-thirds of our electorate. This special election was timed to coincide with the GOP primary. Turn-out was only one-third. Since when are people, including public servants, not entitled to voice their opinions on issues? The AG has agreed to defend the amendment.
As if that were not bad enough, hot on the heels of the A.G.'s reckless announcement, a County Register of Deeds in North Carolina announced that he would begin accepting same-sex couples' applications for marriage licenses … This is the lawless destruction of democracy that we can expect to see spreading around the nation if we do not act today!
So now, being a proponent of equality is "reckless." People taking a stand for equality are hardly destroying democracy. Issuing marriage licenses without state approval is largely a symbolic measure. NOM tries to get people in equality states to refuse to issue marriage licenses, which causes real harm, in order to become manufactured “Victims of Homosexual Marriage™.” You know what's coming next in Brown's polemic; Gimme, gimme, gimme!
Please click here to contribute to NOM's efforts to stem this tide of anarchy and lawlessness and restore order to our democracy. The well-funded attacks of same-sex marriage activists will only become more and more brazen unless we push back fiercely right now.
"Anarchy?" "Lawlessness?" Hyperbole? Mr. Brown goes on for a few more paragraphs interspersed with clickable send us your money messages. While NOM is always asking for money:
  • They are currently diverting time, energy and money to a US Senate race in New Jersey that they are virtually certain to lose.
  • In 2012 they spent in the neighborhood of $250,000 on federal candidates. From Romney to Todd Akins, every one of them lost.
  • In June, NOM expended considerable funds to secretly send Brown to Moscow to influence laws in the Russian Federation.
  • At donors' expense, Brown has also traveled recently to France, Spain, England and Australia (possibly with his wife).
  • NOM has a padded payroll that includes numerous relatives of donors. Maggie Gallagher's brother-in-law appears to be Brown's "executive assistant."
  • NOM has wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees necessitated by not complying with campaign disclosure laws.
  • NOM is apparently diverting time, attention and money for an effort in California to repeal newly enacted protections for transgender students via a ballot initiative.
Only NOM executives know how much they are pissing away. Perhaps they do not.
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