Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Brian Brown's deliberate lie attributing hate group's quote to Chicago Trib

Equality Matters notes that Brian Brown, head of the anti-gay group National Organization for Marriage, has told another lie. In their October 7 email blast Brown claimed:
Same-sex 'marriage' radicals are at it again... the latest example comes from Chicago.

In what the Chicago Tribune rightly called "a stunning public admission" openly homosexual Democratic State Representative Greg Harris of Chicago, outright admitted in a public debate that the proposed law in Illinois redefining marriage did NOT provide religious liberty or conscience protections for individual Christian business owners.

Brian S. Brown - NOM
The article continued, saying that "it was clear that both he and homosexual Chicago Alderman Deb Mell (a former state representative and co-sponsor of SB 10) oppose any such protections."

Earlier this year, when trying to force the bill through the legislature, Alderman Mell claimed that warnings about future religious persecution were dishonest "scare tactics."

And so the script repeats... promise that nothing will change when marriage is redefined while knowing that religious liberties will be necessarily suppressed and people of faith are sure to be punished.
The Tribune, which supports marriage equality wrote no such thing. The quotes being attributed to the Tribune are actually the handiwork of the virulently anti-gay Illinois Family Institute which is designated a hate group by the SPLC.
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