Friday, October 4, 2013

Brian Brown's weekly fundraiser is missing something

Each Friday, National Organization for Marriage – via Brian Brown –sums up their homophobia and pleads for money. Today's piece is titled Holding Their Feet to the Fire. Those hooves belong to managers at the IRS. I've written about NOM's supposed victimization at the hands of the IRS here and here.

Brian Brown reiterates the BS about the vast IRS-HRC-Obama campaign conspiracy:
Well, the big news this week of course is the lawsuit that NOM filed just yesterday against the Internal Revenue Service for unlawful disclosure by one or more IRS employees of our confidential tax return information, including the identities of our major donors.
Given the fact that NOM's suit against the IRS is irrelevant to anything that really matters (it changes nothing), I would say that the big news this week is that Brian Brown got caught sneaking off to the Russian Federation last June to export his personal brand of hate to the Duma.

I'd like to hold Brian Brown's feet to the proverbial fire but he is ignoring the Russian controversy. Not a peep. Perhaps he doesn't know how to address the issue. Perhaps Mr. Brown thinks that this is going to go away. This is never going to go away. We will be discussing NOM's arrogance and homophobia until NOM ceases to exist. I suspect that NOM is also going to hear from some donors. I doubt that they want to finance excursions to feed Mr. Brown's expansive ego.

This is also a cautionary tale. To the extent that NOM is a proxy for the Catholic Church, the Russian controversy demonstrates just how far some of the bishops are willing to go to denigrate gay people and just how zealous that denigration is. So all that stuff professing their sincere love just went out the window.
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