Saturday, October 12, 2013

In denial Mr. Anderson compares gay marriage to abortion at VVS

It's "Values Voter" time which means that marriage discrimination advocates have an opportunity to sound erudite to an audience that doesn't like gay people very much. The woman to Ryan Anderson's left, Jennifer Marshall, is his boss at Heritage. At one time she worked for Family Research Council. Further to his left is, of course, our old friend Brian Brown who looks like he gained 25 pounds. The haircut on Brown looks like someone's revenge. Oh these three. Tony Perkins moderates. Behold the intellectual horsepower.

Ryan T. Anderson, would-be Knight Templar, has tried every conceivable argument to ban marriage equality. He has claimed that it makes monogamy optional. He has claimed that marriage equality is an "affront" to civil rights. Anderson has claimed that clergy will be forced to solemnize same-sex marriages. He has even claimed that, if Kennedy's decision in Windsor is correct, then the American people elected a "bigot" in 2008. He has also co-authored a book promoting marriage discrimination that was timed to influence the Supreme Court. Anderson has made scores of arguments. None have been persuasive. They are not the product of intellect and critical thinking. They are the result of obedience to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

At the Values Voters Summit “Future of Marriage” panel, Anderson claims; “It's not that the young generation has heard the argument for marriage and rejected it, it's that they haven't heard the argument for marriage yet.”

Anderson also compares his fight for marriage discrimination to the anti-choice cause. The argument (which is nothing new) is that people said the same thing about abortion after Roe v Wade; The pro-choice younger generation would replace older citizens opposed to abortion. According to Anderson, that has not occurred.

There are several problems with that argument starting with the fact that abortion is a theoretical issue because the decision in Roe remains the law of the land. The consequences of not permitting abortions are no longer evident. Therefore, there is no longer a comparator.

Marriage equality is not abortion. We just demonstrated the consequences of not recognizing same-sex marriage in US v Windsor. We won that case. We also ran the table last fall at the polls with marriage in four states, the failure to recall a judge in Iowa due to marriage equality and the reelection of President Obama. Voters under 30 comprised less that 20% of the electorate in 2012.

Young people overwhelmingly support marriage equality. Anderson is claiming that they are going to become discriminatory as they get older. That seems highly improbably. Rather than abortion rights, the better comparison is the country's evolution with racial discrimination. Each generation has contributed growing tolerance.

Mr. Anderson cannot understand why everyone doesn't see the light. If the Church says it is so then it must be true. The reality is actually quite simple. Mr. Anderson makes abstractions into theoretical consequences of marriage equality. Mr. Anderson cannot point to Massachusetts or Iowa or even Spain and say; "See. I told you that gay marriage has dire consequences." Mr. Anderson is the champion of discrimination without good cause. In the alternative, they have manufactured victims of people who violate non-discrimination ordinances in public accommodations. Anderson and Brown and the rest of their lot have tried to make heroes out of bigoted criminals.

That makes Mr. Anderson a bigot and a fool.
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