Wednesday, October 16, 2013

NOM and Sarah Palin are on a hell of a roll

National Organization for Marriage
After losing six for six last fall (including a retention election and President Obama) National Organization for Marriage knew that they had the hot hand. Last week they began an independent expenditure campaign supporting Steve Lonegan (a Cracked Teapot) in the New Jersey special election for Senate. Cory Booker cruised to an easy win with more than a ten point lead when the AP called it.

NOM is a wounded animal but it is still very dangerous. Let us not forget that National Organization for Marriage has the full weight of the Catholic Church behind them.

Speaking of last fall, I was looking over the FEC reports (which, of course, NOM filed incorrectly). They spent at least a quarter mil on a slew of candidates, including crackpots like Todd Akin. Not one of them won their race. Not one.

NOM only spent about $5,100 on Lonegan, in addition to time and energy. Why on earth did they take a chance on looking like losers — again? By tomorrow they will probably figure out some way to claim victory and some of their supporters will still believe them. Why on earth would anyone continue to give money to these inept nitwits? Yet, people will still fork over hard earned (and not so hard earned) money in order to be among the faithful.
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