Thursday, October 24, 2013

NOM dishonestly bashes Christie - again

I am no fan of Chris Christie. However, the gratuitous condemnation of New Jersey's governor by National Organization for Marriage is just silly. In February of 2012, NOM said this about Chris Christie:
"We are grateful to have a principled Governor in Chris Christie who has pledged to veto this legislation."—Brian Brown, President—
Today? Not so much:

Christie Surrender Provides an Object Lesson in (Lack of) Leadership. Oh my. They continue:
This past Monday was a sad day for New Jersey and the nation as we watched Governor Chris Christie surrender on marriage. His backing down also provides an important object lesson in leadership (or lack of it) and gives us a great opportunity to contrast what happened in New Jersey with what's going on elsewhere: what happens when people fight for the truth of marriage.
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So what was Chirstie's grievous transgression? The New Jersey Supreme Court voted 7-0 not to stay the lower court's decision mandating marriage equality in New Jersey. Included in their decision was this:

To any rational, sane person (which excludes the religious zealots at NOM), this translates to "you are going to lose your case." Of course, those same religious zealots at NOM expect their allies to fight marriage equality until their last dying breath. Faced with the inevitable, which included the increasing possibility of an embarrassing veto override, Christie did the sane thing and ceased his appeal of the ruling. Voila! Christie is no longer a friend. He is now NOM's enemy.

Why NOM would want to antagonize an important conservative politician demonstrates just how desperate they are — not to mention profoundly short sighted. Sound judgment has never been in ample supply at NOM.

In the same release:
Because of his failure of leadership, there's now little chance in the short term to restore true marriage in the state. In fact, now that he's abandoned the fight, it's highly likely that next month the Legislature will override Christie's earlier veto of legislation redefining marriage.
Are they actually claiming that they can overturn marriage equality in the long term? Just how delusional are these folks?
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