Monday, October 21, 2013

NOM is pissed - so what else is new?

Predictably, National Organization for Marriage is reacting to marriage equality in New Jersey. In a blog post verbosely titled “National Organization for Marriage Sharply Criticizes Activist Judiciary For Redefining Marriage In New Jersey and Christie For Abandoning Voters:”
"An activist judiciary has once again imposed its views and ignored the rights of voters. Regrettably, Governor Christie's decision to surrender on marriage reveals him to be a man who lacks the courage of his supposed convictions." — Brian Brown, NOM president —
Mr. Brown: The bipartisan Supreme Court of the State of New Jersey voted seven - zip for equality. While I am no fan of Governor Christie, he did not "surrender." The eventual ruling of the court was clearly telegraphed. It was pointless to continue to waste resources in a battle that he was destined to lose. Moreover, Mr. Brown, voters don't get to weigh in on constitutional issues. NOM goes on to say:
…we are extremely disappointed in Governor Chris Christie for withdrawing the state's appeal of the underlying decision, effectively throwing in the towel on marriage. The mark of a leader is to walk a principled walk no matter the difficulty of the path. Chris Christie has failed the test, abandoning both voters and the core institution of society - marriage as the union of one man and one woman.
That stuff about "principled walk" and "core institution" translates to: “As a Catholic, we expected you to be dedicated marriage discrimination.”
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