Saturday, October 12, 2013

NOM's Brian Brown does "poor us" at VVS

Brian S. Brown - NOM
I provided the video from the marriage panel at the 2013 Values Voter Summit in my earlier post about Ryan Anderson. Brian Brown, at said panel (moderated by hate group leader Tony Perkins), tests the limits of my ability to watch this stuff.

Brown's argument du jour has nothing to do with marriage. What he is essentially saying is that we need marriage discrimination so that he can continue to fight for marriage discrimination. Seriously. Of course all of this is framed as "fighting for marriage." At this point it is insulting to our collective intelligence to insist that fighting to ban gay marriage, because Catholic Church doesn't like it, is somehow fighting for marriage. None of the activities of National Organization for Marriage have ever provided any benefit to marriage. Their sole objective is to prevent same-sex couples from getting hitched.

From there it's off to the victimization Olympics starting with Brian himself.
What we are increasingly being told is that our ideas, our beliefs, our knowledge of the truth about marriage is not welcome in the public square, that we do not deserve the same right to stand up and speak publicly on marriage.
It's a bit of a Gish Gallup because Brown knows no more about the "truth" of marriage than, say, Dan Savage. The truth is that marriage is the legal process by which we create a marital estate. So step one is to stop trying to pass off your fundamentalist opinions as fact. Furthermore, this guy seems to get plenty of opportunities to express his point of view in mainstream media. Is that not expressing his views in the "public square?" What could possibly make anyone believe that Brown's rights to promote his views have been compromised in any way whatsoever? He seems to speak very publicly about denying gays the right to marry.

Brown goes on to astonishingly claim that gay marriage is “an attempt to deconstruct the very nature of reality, the very nature of what it means to be a human being.”Even for the unhinged Brian Brown that is a unique bit of hyperbolic absurdity.

The reason that Brown gets away with this BS is because he never puts himself in situations where he can be challenged. He has the common sense to realize that his arguments are porous and easily refuted. The closest that we ever came was the dinner with the aforementioned Dan Savage. Savage, it seemed, was bending over backwards to be polite to his house guest. Brown has had puff pieces in both the Washington Post and the New York Times without being asked a single difficult question.
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