Friday, October 18, 2013

NOM's Brian Brown is Displeased

Brian S. Brown
Needless to say, the situation in New Jersey has ruined Brian Brown's weekend. The folks at National Organization for Marriage may never conclude that national marriage equality is inevitable.  At some point, however, common sense dictates that donors would come to the realization that resistance is not only futile but counter-productive. HRC's goal of 50 states in 5 years might need some favorable adjustment. NOM's breakout statement on New Jersey:

"It is extremely disappointing that the New Jersey Supreme Court has allowed the ruling of an activist judge to stand pending its appeal through the court system." — Brian Brown, NOM President
...the decision opens the door to a possible federal court ruling similar to what occurred in California in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal which held that once a state grants same-sex ‘marriage’ rights it can never take them away. All in all, today’s ruling is another sad chapter in watching our courts usurp the rights of voters to determine issues like this for themselves.
"Let them eat vote" is rapidly losing the appeal that it once had. Proposition 8 was five years ago.

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