Thursday, October 3, 2013

NOM's latest "Poor Us" - NOM v US, IRS

NOM's new HQ at 606 S. Taylor  ;-)
National Organization for Marriage has made a cynical calculation. They must think that they can raise more money by claiming to be a victim of the Internal Revenue Service than the legal fees to sue the Internal Revenue Service. This has the potential to go on for years while there is a slim probability of significant economic recovery.

Keep in mind that there was never any real benefit to anyone to leak this out of the IRS. NOM's explanation of political gain is absurd. It was apparently Obama's fault because Joe Solmonese was stepping down from HRC to become an Obama campaign co-chair and the schedule of contributors included a Romney affiliated PAC. Sure.

There is not much in the complaint  that is new. They are using Paul Bothwell's Virginia address. Presumably they want to stay out of the more liberal DC circuit. Bothwell is Brian Brown's "executive assistant" and (I believe) Maggie Gallagher's brother-in-law. There is the tasty irony that Maggie has claimed that a low-level employee was duped into sending out the return. If a low-level employee was duped that would be inconsistent with NOM's narrative of a conspiracy. They are now implying in the media that Steven Grodnitzky, an IRS attorney and HRC supporter, is responsible (they found a photo of Grodnitzky at an HRC event).

In their complaint, they do seem to acknowledge that it is possible for officers to obtain copies of stamped returns from the IRS, something that I have insisted for some time. NOM claims in the complaint that nobody has done so. To be fair, the Service via a FOIA request could not locate a record of anyone having done so. However, no such record need exist.

NOM is claiming all sorts of damages including its legal fees to defend a Karger inquiry which they claim was dependent upon the confidential information.

Rather than over-analyze something that is hyperbolic by design, I'll follow this through Pacer and wait for the government's response. In the interim, this will seem more important to NOM than "homosexual marriage."

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