Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Notes from NARTH's Sideshow

NARTH is having their annual conference in Phoenix on November 8. Today they announced “Plenary Speaker Added - Anne Paulk”. First, their description:
Anne Paulk is an author and speaker on issues related to homosexuality. Anne has been interviewed through many television, radio and magazine venues over the years including Oprah Winfrey, Good Morning America, CBS Evening News, the 700 Club, Coral Ridge Ministry, and People magazine.

She is the author of Restoring Hope: Hope for Women Who Struggle with Same-sex Attraction.
The absurd notion that NARTH is a serious scientific organization, as they claim, is further contradicted by the appearance of Anne Paulk.

Anne Paulk is the typical ex-gay-for-pay grifter. Paulk, was never a lesbian in the first place. As Wayne Besen pointed out earlier this year, Paulk was always attracted to men. She is also a crackpot. As Right Wing Watch noted, Paulk cited a personal "study" (whatever that means). According to Paulk, 66% of lesbians have "incurred sexual abuse." Furthermore 90 percent of the women who were "leaving homosexuality" "expressed they had been a witness to sexual abuse or physical abuse or serious emotional abuse or any number of serious verbal abuse.”

According to real research (eg Wilson and Widom, 2009) there is no correlation to women whatsoever. There is a "tentative" correlation to men having more gay experiences but they conclude that childhood abuse does not cause boys to become gay. Throckmorton has a more complete analysis.

Real abuse, by the way, is shaming people, for religious reasons, into lying to themselves, and others, about their sexual orientation. These people are not just quacks. They are toxic quacks.

As we all know, Anne's ex-husband, John Paulk, has confirmed that he is a gay man and the reorientation therapy is both harmful and futile. He has apologized to the gay community for his ex-gay advocacy.
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