Sunday, October 20, 2013

On Thursday he'll be sworn in but tonight Cory Booker has other plans

At the stroke of midnight, Senator Elect Cory Booker will be conducting same-sex marriages as the mayor of Newark. At least ten couples will take their vows in the rotunda of Newark's city hall.

At a time of unlimited cynicism, Cory Booker seems to be the genuine article. I think – I want to think – that he is marrying these couples because he takes pleasure being of service to constituents. Years from now, children will be able to say that their moms or their dads were married by Cory Booker. That's kind of neat.

We have become accustomed to insulated politicians. These days, just getting to a congressional staffer requires getting through two layers of gatekeepers. Booker's style is to be accessible. Hopefully he changes the U.S. Senate more than the U.S. Senate changes him.

Ted Cruz has shown us how a smart, well educated Senator can change things in Washington in a very short period of time — in spite of the fact that Mr. Cruz is deranged. Mr. Booker is also a very smart, well educated man. He was a Rhodes Scholar and has a law degree from Yale and he is sane. Let's hope that he can make a difference.
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