Monday, October 21, 2013

Trolling for "victims" in New Jersey

The tears of joy have barely subsided for happily married gay couples. Yet, Liberty Counsel, Alliance Defending Freedom and other right wing groups have already begun the process of manufacturing victims of marriage equality in New Jersey. The word is surely going out to pastors and allies that opportunities exist for defenders of the faith to demonstrate that they are true believers.

What? You think that the defiance of that florist in Washington, just after equality became law, was happenstance? Not on your life. There are scores of ways to diplomatically turn away business that you don't want. These are people who want to be sued. They crave the notoriety. They want to be heroes in some corners of Christendom. The entire process is self-reinforcing. It supports their delusion that they deserve an exemption from an otherwise valid anti-discrimination law. Religious entitlement is at hand. All they have to do is to demand it.

They lack the introspection to consider what they would do in similar circumstance if they were the object of illegal discrimination.

It probably won't be very long before National Organization for Marriage trots out the next example of persecution due to "homosexual 'marriage.'" They are ready to cue up the next baker who thinks that smearing butter-cream on sponge cake is some sort of religious sacrament. 

Minnesota did the right thing. They loudly made it very clear through the media that there would be no religious exemptions; There would be no "conscientious objectors." The Christianists knew better than to try it in New York. New Jersey, with its Republican governor and attorney general, might attract some fish to the chum.

Make no mistake about it, the usual suspects are spreading plenty of chum on the water.
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